Sheida International Co LLC
The organization focuses on two major specialized activities.

1. Road Safety Solutions:

We are the industry leader in providing Road Safety Services across Oman and GCC. We are responsible for the execution of the Road Safety Standards Body (RSSB) contract for Petroleum Development of Oman. We are accredited by ROSPA ( The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents)

2. Safety Products and service division

We work as a committed strategic partner with our customers. We work with them to understand their challenges in terms of working safety and together strive to make it a safer place to work.

Several safety hazards threaten workplace, be it working at heights, chemicals, hazardous gas, fire, falling objects, sharp objects, noise and several other countless potentially dangerous situations. Our customers know that their business can progress and thrive safely when they work with us. We demonstrate our commitment to our customers through our superior quality products facilitated by our exceptional and personalized customer service with the extensive knowledge and familiarity of the industry.

We enable our customers to optimize on their safety spend by offering the most enduring and reliable products with international standards and state-of-the-art technologies. We have a unique global network of manufacturers to be able to supply quality products at competitive prices.


We are the market leaders in the areas of our specialization and our products are first to market innovations, high-performance solutions. Our products enhance worker safety, productivity and comfort and our range of products include the following categories but are not limited to these:

  • Fall Protection Solutions (Harness, Lanyards, Fall Arrestors etc.)-3M/DBI Sala/Protecta USA
  • Confined Space Entry & Retrieval Systems (Tripods, Winches etc.) – 3M/DBI Sala/Protecta USA
  • Drop Prevention Systems for Tools (Tool Lanyards/Holsters etc.) – 3M/DBI Sala/Protecta USA
  • Portable Gas Monitoring Systems (Single Gas, Multi-Gas) – Industrial Scientific, USA
  • Portable Ventilation Solutions (Industrial Blowers, Fans etc.) – Ramfan, USA
  • Respiratory Protection Devices (SCBA, EEBD etc.) – 3M / Scottsafety, USA
  • Environmental Quality Measuring and detection Instruments – TSI, USA
  • Coverall, Safety Shoes – Dickies, UK / Timberland, USA
  • PPE(Hard Hats, Eye Wear, Hand Protection, Cooling Products) – 3M/Pyamex, USA
  • Fire Protection Clothing (NOMEX, PROTEX) – Nomadic, India
  • Disposable and reusable respirator, welding helmet – 3M, USA
  • Hand Gloves based on every application – Granberg, Norway
  • Abrasives for Cutting, Grinding and Cleaning – 3M, USA
  • Electrical Tape, Wire Connectors, Splice Kits, Joints and Terminations – 3M, USA
  • Industrial Adhesives and Tapes – 3M, USA
  • Advanced collision avoidance systems – Mobileye, USA