3400967 Sealed-Blok Self Retracting Lifeline 130 ft(39m)

130 ft. (39m) of 3/16" (5mm) stainless steel wire rope with swivel snap hook, anchorage carabiner, 4 ft. (1.2m) cable tie-off adaptor.


  • Environmentally sealed dynamic components

  • Extremely durable construction

  • 130 ft. (39m) 3/16" (5mm) stainless steel cable lifeline

  • FAST-Line™ cable lifeline replacement system

  • FAST-Line™ means LIFETIME field recertification – conditions apply

  • Anti-ratcheting locking system

  • Swiveling stainless steel snap hook with impact indicator

  • Swiveling snap hook with impact indicator

  • Large pivoting anchorage loop

  • Saflok™ anchorage carabiner

  • Cable tie-off adaptor x 4 ft. (1.2m) with carabiner

  • Reserve lifeline system

  • Ergonomic cable handle equipped with i-Safe™



Sub Brand

Product Type




Capacity 420 lbs. (190 kg)
Sub Brand Sealed-Blok™
Size 130 ft. (39.6 m)
Velocity Ship Yes
iSafe Equipped Yes
Lifeline Length 130 ft. (39.6 m)
Housing Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Lifeline 3/16" (5mm) dia. 7×19 Stainless Steel Aircraft Wire Rope
Lifeline Hook Stainless Steel
Anchorage Hook Stainless Steel
Model 3400967
Physical Dimensions 16.80×14.00×8.00 (in)
Physical Weight 60.00 lbs (27.2kg)
Product Styles Single Lifeline
Product Types Sealed Design
Housing Type Metal
Lifeline Type Stainless Steel Cable
Mounting Type Overhead Anchor Point
Weight Group Over 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Standards ANSI Z359.14, OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req., ANSI A10.32